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Dance Ensemble and Dance Team

Thank you to everyone who attended auditions for next years Dance Ensemble and Dance Team.  Unfortunately, we are unable to take everyone and hope that if you are not listed below, you will continue to get involved with the various clubs and organizations that Hillsdale has to offer.
Congratulations to the following Dance Ensemble and Dance Team members for the 2014-15 year.  Our first meeting will be Wednesday, May 28th @ 1pm in the dance room.  The meeting is MANDATORY - No exceptions.
For those of you who did not make the list, please be aware that there will be more opportunities to dance throughout the year. I will be calling individuals in to see if you are interested.
See Sabrina if you have any additional questions.
Please see me if your name has an (*) 
Amaya, Chrissy
Bodin, Hannah
Bratt, Kendra
Buencamino, Addie
Chun, Angelikah
Dew, Sophia
Fong, Rachel
Hurd, Micaela
Jumig, Kayla
Koyama, Jaelyn
Lew, Amanda
Lopez, Savina
McCormick, Molly
McCormick, Quin
McKean, Morgan
McKinnon, Rachel
Myers, Amber
Nishioka, Ana
O'Sullivan, Kara
Qi, Amy
Rogers, Nicole (*)
Roshets, Rebecca
Shepard, Emily
Spievack, Erica 
Suzuki, Soko (*)
Takeda, Haley 
Tototzintle, Angela
Yavari, Isabella
Aramboro, Perla
Duong, Teddy
Fisher, Christina
Ibarra, Isaac
Kim, Justin
Koyama, Jaelyn
Lectura, Nick
Lee, Josh
Ortiz, Cianna (*)
Tan, Kelly
Vasquez, Kaylah (*)
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Addams Audition Poster.jpg

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Dance students learn skills in a variety of dance styles, including ballet, contemporary, lyrical and hip hop. Dancers also learn classical technique and modern innovators of dance. 

Performance opportunities include joining Dance Ensemble and Dance Team. Auditions take place every May.