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Graduate Profile

Hillsdale's Graduate Profile

David Conley, a professor of education at the University of Oregon, has studied the attributes that facilitate success in college, writing a book titled, "College Knowledge". His research indicates that there is a core set of knowledge that will help students, but that the facts in their heads are not as important as the skills that the student can demonstrate. The ability to solve problems, think creatively, work with a team, and write with precision are the types of skills that will determine success beyond high school, both in post-secondary education and beyond into a successful career. 

Hillsdale's Graduate Profile is a way for students to practice and demonstrate their knowledge of these important skills.
Click here for access to the HHS Graduate Profile, Portfolio, and Defense Page.  



HHS Graduate Profile


As a Hillsdale High School graduate, you will:


Communicate effectively:

  • Write logically structured documents that demonstrate an appropriate sense of audience, purpose, and context.

  • Speak with poise, clear organization, a command of language, and an appropriate sense of audience, purpose, and context.

  • Listen actively, acknowledging and understanding different viewpoints, and providing and accepting feedback.


Read for Understanding



  • Critically:

    • Ask critical questions

    • Generate hypotheses

    • View problems from multiple perspectives

    • Analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information

    • Pursue answers and solutions through research, experimentation and/or computation.

  • Creatively: Generate unique answers and interpretations.

  • Metacognitively: Reflect upon and assess your work.



  • Yourself:

    • Make informed and appropriate personal and academic decisions

    • Be prepared, participate and persevere

    • Reflect and self-evaluate

  • Your community:

    • Demonstrate integrity and empathy

    • Collaborate in large and small groups

    • Understand, appreciate and respect diversity

  • Your world:

    • Participate in civil discourse and the democratic process

    • Make authentic connections between what you have learned and the wider world


Understand and apply:

  • Content

  • Content skills